Getting Over It
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I like, but can't be around her because when I'm around her my mind goes numb racing with serotonin sweeping through my system. I love everything about her I know she's the one, but we've drawn that line both her and me that is was and still is never meant to be.

Getting Over It

I like, but can't be around her because when I'm around her my mind goes numb racing with serotonin sweeping through my system.

I love everything about her I know she's the one, but we've drawn that line both her and me that is was and still is never meant to be.

We fight and we laugh, we pout and we cry, but for some reason I just cannot figure out why.

Why can I not get over you ? You who left me in a depression, spiraling down a whole of madnesses ultimately leading to my demise.

You who made me so sad for being friends was killing me on the inside. You who I love with a passion as bold as the sea. You who I cannot be with passionately.

I love you, I love you, I love you, you see, no cause I've convinced you to be blind of it to me. You who I got over after a long goodbye. She who became a mere memory of a past life I lived by.

Stranger we were and for a while I felt joy, however I soon again felt sorrow and despair and craves for the sweet release of deaths embrace for others had hurt me way worse.

My life a joke as a clown I was living, performing in the Circus to the ungrateful man.

My body felt numb for all the pain felt like needles, I need a cure, a revival, a new passion to pursue ....... however this only led me back to you

I know it can't be and I know we messed up, but the time that we spent might have to be enough, for I cannot bear witness to see you with another. I am alone and you with each other.

I have fallen and will not be getting up, for my legs have been broken from the scars of the past telling my heart to stop before it's too late, before I suffer the same heartbreak,

before I die alone in regret, thinking about only what coulda been, what we coulda had.

All these thoughts in my head clouding my mind for my hearts yearns to be with you, but my mind knows better, however I've always trusted my gut and it tells me you pulling away for another.

I've got to move on, but the pain draws me in, for the acting alone is to righteous of a sin.

The sorrow I've felt and the pain I've endured do not compare to what will be for when I know I can't be yours forevermore.

My judgment is clouded, because I want you to stay and I want to remain in this life o have built after the recovery I've made.

I've master the art of reading into the sole, however I need another to tell me the same, for I am a coach ..... I do not play

My body and soul will have to learn their lesson, for the heart knows what it what's, but the mind knows better, for the judge of my heart is filled with broken scars,

seeking to me filled by a passionate soul, however it is not meant to be, for neither has feelings for me.

My heart weeps for the sorrow l, for the lost it knows it just endure, my body cries out it's a terrible day for rain, as the clouds above clear.

The grave of my feelings buried away locked in a chest that I cannot be opened, sealed away and thrown out the key for even though you might be the one for me, I am not your man.

Terrible sorrow, pain fills the air, the lost and despair thicker than the fog, cut open with a knife to engage the damage, only to be meant with extraordinary tragedy.

I have to move on, but I can't cut you off, for the friends we are now it's just alright. I know we are happy and we make it a charade, however I'm dying inside and am constantly in pain.

I feel the need to let you know, however this line can't be crossed she can never know. The story of sorrow, the story of loss, encompassing my life as a constant reminder to never love another.

I want to do it, but it's so hard, for I know you don't know which makes it a pain for I need to, but don't want you to drift away.

I have to move on, but can't fall back, for I need the support I need you to have my back. I need someone to help my back on my feet, to encompass my life and center me.

To set me straight and help me survive for on my own I'm slowly dying, but not for long, for once I have stopped I will forever be gone. No sign of me will be seen, nor a place, nor a song.

I will vanish leave this life without a trade, ditch my phone travel to Europe and live in a new place.

I will regret doing this for a short while you see, however I'm hoping this will create the happiest me.

Can I do it, can I survive ? With the fear of me failing, I'm not sure, for you see the biggest reason for my success isn't me it's you, you see.

I wish you could know, but I can imagine the rift no longer friends, only strangers, then the depression hits. We have a lot to say, but don't ever say it, but I wanna be clear.

We are not dating and prolly never will, but you still bring me joy is this unholy life, filled with so many sins committed by you and me, you clear all that up and secure life for me.

We can only be friends, but friends you see is such a bad option to be to me. I cannot control these feelings I contain, but want to rather destroy them in an emotional flame.

I'd rather we sleep alone than together you see for I know you have no affection towards me. I have to move on and friends we maybe could be, but I need some space to recover you see.

I need to establish another connection without you involved. You cannot be near me or see me at all, for I cannot fall back into the spike trapped door anymore.

I'm threw, I quit, I'm leaving you, You'll see, for I know what's best for me.

This pains me to do and I know not why, but for some reason he has chosen the way. The idea of us was never meant to be so let's both let go and live our lives separately.

I need some space, I need some withdrawal for the silence alone is a sin I must bear, In order to withstand the future pain I foresee, for a future with me was never meant to be.

I'm sorry to say, but I must be moving on, for the times we had were good, but I have to be gone. The rides we shared, the music we sang, all in fun, but never the same.

We are threw now and are done all the same, for this is best for both of us to say. Less constancy with you will do me some good and less contact is clearly what needs to be done.

We will become strangers no longer friends you see, for I she's too recover and recuperate again. I'm going to try and best this depression, but mind is one step ahead and it's looking grim.

I have courage and I have faith, and it aches me to say, with excruciating pain, you cannot be in my life for the sake of us both. Goodbye, be gone, We're threw

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