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She was so close. Part 3
Part 4 will be available tomorrow Saturday October 3rd.

She was so close

It wasn’t raining very hard, only a sprinkle, however, it was enough to make her worry. She couldn’t help but fret that the boy wouldn’t come. Her pace began to quicken as new thoughts filled her head. Thoughts like, what if the boy didn’t like the rain, or maybe he didn’t have an umbrella.

Or what if the rain made it too cold for him to go out without his coat. After all, his coat was in her arms. Suddenly she stopped in her tracks, what if he never came back.

The realization surprised her, she had been so convinced that he would show, at least to get his coat, that she didn’t see the possibility that she wouldn’t see him again. She felt like an idiot, she could feel the hope she once gained wash away with the rain. She turned her back to the building beside her and fell back to let it catch her.

She let the cold, rough concrete guide her as she slid down towards the ground. She drew the coat close to her chest and slowly wrapped her arms around her legs as she lay her head atop her knees. She gave up.

The moon came out. It had stopped raining a while ago, and she could feel her hair starting to dry, well you could say dry, but more like the little water in her hair had left. She always loved the moon, it always seemed to appear when it was needed most.

He never leaves room for doubt, she knows even if he’s not with her today then he will be the next. “Man in the moon, what should I do?” She asked, choking back tears. There was no answer. There never was.

“Ah!" A piece of paper just slapped her in the face! "Jeez," the paper was drenched in water, it had obviously fallen into numerous puddles before it made its way to her face. She carefully peeled the paper from her cheeks and examined it.

It seemed to be music notes, however, it didn’t just contain notes there were words too. Below each line of notes, there was a set of lyrics to go along with it. At the top of the page, there was a title, “Don’t Lose Hope” She sighed, “ Well isn’t that ironic.”

She chuckled to herself a bit then glanced at the top of the paper again. In small thin letters at the top right corner read, ‘guitar.’ Her eyes grew wide. She thought guitar?…. really. As careful as she could she folded the soaked piece of paper and slipped it into the boys’ coat pocket.

Soon, she found herself to her feet and walking down the street towards the bridge. “Maybe I can hold onto my hope a little longer.” She smiled.

With the boys’ coat folded safely in her arms she hurried down the road towards the bridge once again. Her hope gradually returned as the moon guided her on her way. As the bridge came into view a figure appeared in the middle.

Suddenly a shock of excitement shot through the girl. She could hear the strum of his guitar echo through the night, however, unlike before there was a new addition to the music. Along with the guitar, there was a low hum, almost like a song that was missing its lyrics.

End of Part 3 Stay tuned for Part 4

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