She was so close

She was so close short story stories
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She Was So Close. Part 1.
Part 2 will be available tomorrow Thursday October 1st.

She was so close

A lot of people call the place they live home. But, just because you live someplace doesn’t make that place home. So if you lived in a run-down apartment where the only entrance was through an ally would you call it home.

What about when every time you went there your father was either at the bar or beating your mother. Then you try to save your mother from this man and you end up with a black eye. Then when you think it’s over your sister steps in and gets pushed down the stairs.

What about when you go to school and get bullied because of where you live. This place isn’t home. This little girl, doesn’t have a place to call home.

“Why are you crying?” he asked. The girl didn’t realize she was. This boy in front of her asked her why, she doesn’t know why… She tries to think about why.

Maybe because I have no one, my mother locks herself in her room. My sister is never home, and my father is a barbarian that is always drunk. I have no friends at school, and I’m walking alone in the middle of the night. But she decides to keep that to herself.

“I’m crying?” She proceeded to wipe the tears from her eyes. A heartwarming smile crept upon his face, as he asked, “Would you like me to play a happier song?” She nods and sits down beside him.

They sat there through the night while he played all kinds of songs for her on his guitar.

When dawn came she awoke on the bridge with the boys’ coat laid over her like a blanket. She was alone again. But that night for the first time, in a long time. She hadn’t felt so alone.

As the girl walked back to the apartment her mind was at ease. For once her head wasn’t filled with worries. For once she wasn’t fretting on what the apartment had in store for her.

As she held the boys’ coat in her arms she thought of their next encounter. Her head was still filled with all the beautiful songs he had played for her the night before. At this moment the only thing the girl wanted in the world was to hear him play once more.

End of Part 1 Stay tuned for Part 2

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