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Can a heart break when there was not one to began with. ❤️💔


You said you loved her on the phone and when she would leave. But why did you yell at her?

She was only trying to put on the shoes that you told her to wear. You may have said to help will clean his room but when she asked to put her shoes on you didn’t care. You didn’t listen to the 11 year old girl. Even though she knows if she doesn’t put on her shoes you would get more mad and yell at her too.

So she asked… to descend the stairs that blocked her from her shoes. And you yelled. You yelled at her, “GET IN THAT ROOM!”

And she cried. She cried so hard she started to hiccup. She sounded like Count Dracula as he said, “1 ah ah ah, 2 ah ah ah.” You didn’t see her after that. She stopped coming.

But this didn’t stop you… did it? It’s not the first time you were like this. Even wearing her puppy hat in the house ticked you off. If it wasn’t what you wanted then it was wrong, she was wrong.

But she wasn’t wrong, she isn't wrong. You are wrong. You always have been and always will be.

She tries to set aside your faults. She’s sixteen. Colorado was one of her favorite places. But you ruined it. You decided to drink all day while they were gone.

When they got back you freaked out over an open car door. And you went overboard. You hit her brother, called her sister's B***es and disrespected her older brother.

You hurt her family. Brought everyone to tears. But you didn’t care.

You called her a liar. You said, “STOP LYING!” When she said nothing but the truth. She was scared, and had nowhere to go. The moose roamed the valley and the bears took the mountain.

The only savior in this sea of loneliness and fear is her mother’s song. The song her mother says represents her. So she sat upon the swing as her toes froze and sang,

sang, “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are grey…..” she sang the main lyrics to that song for over an hour alone.

Can’t you see? You went too far. You crossed the line. But she knows you can’t, and that’s why you’ve lost her.

But... you never truly had her did you?

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