When will it end?
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I want to start anew...

When will it end?

My arms, covered in my own blood. My room, has a depressive stench. My mind, a battlefield in constant combat.

The battle has been going on for 15 years. When will it stop? When will it end?

There are no sides in this battle. They are just fighting one another because of their twisted emotions and pasts. What will make it end?

A peace treaty doesn’t work. An attempt to redirect the fighting makes the fighting worse. There is only one option that I can think of that might make it stop.

Tell me dear friend, how do it tie a noose to make it end? What will create explosions to stop the battle that never seems to end? What do you recommend?

I don’t want to try to landscape what is left. The war has gone on for too long. I want to rest.

My mind is no longer rolling hills with beautiful scenery; sculptures that depict wonderful memories.

Instead it shows craters of destruction and bodies blown to pieces. The trees are torn apart. Bombs are continuously blowing, screams don’t stop screaming. The landscape needs fixing. It is time for a new start.

I want to start afresh. I want a new view. I want to sculpt new sculptures without seeing where a tree once grew. I want to plant new crops without seeing guts.

Please! I beg of you! Help me start anew. It won’t ever end.

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