I don't want new
I don't want new poetry stories

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when you spend what it feels like forever with someone you don't want any other but them.

I don't want new

I've never been a fan of new

You meet someone unexpected and you grow accustom to their smell,

What things to say that makes them smile, what to say to make them look at you in frow of confusion

You pick up on their vocabulary, for sake you even become more intelligent because of them,

You learn their body, what makes them feel so vulnerable, what gives them pure pleasure,

So, no I do not want new,

I grew accustom of the old spice deodorant you wore, when you'd embrace me in a hug, giving me a full blow smell of that odd but quite unique smell of yours that I loved so much,

Your salty caramel tasting body,

The taste of your tongue,

The feeling of your lips pressed against mine, them gently kissing my body making me sure you're the one,

Your hands so gracefully cupping my cheeks wiping away my tears when I cry,

The feeling of pure enlightenment when you kiss the imperfections and scars on my skin,

Pointing out every flaw I would not have wanted you to know about but seeing them as a beauty on my body,

I don't want new

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