Hopeless Romantic
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Hopeless Romantic

Drive me around and randomly, blankly stare me down with love and attraction and lust in your eyes.

Making me uncontrollably blush to just the simple action, have me wonder what it is that you find so amusing in staring at me.

Then ill nervously but naggingly ask you what it is your looking at and tell you to stop when in reality, I want you to ignore my request and keep on looking.

Then ill definitely look down because the sensation of heat on my face and the urge of smiling would be too much to show you.

You will then gently grab my chin and lift it up towards you and tell me not to look away. Blank stares shared between us will melt my helpless heart.

You'll then look away and ill end up overthinking it, but you'll notice my confusion and you'll call out my name,

ill respond with a simple hm out of unsureness while moving my face to look at you, and you'll place a gentile kiss on my lips. Reassuring me of your love.

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