failed because of love
failed because of love heartbroken stories

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She tried to end it for good but her love had other plans.

failed because of love

Through the long ride she struggles to breath never mind trying to compose herself, she'd never imagined it leading to this.

The exemplary love they had shared would've never prepared her for she was about to do.

Reminiscing all the things she thought could happen didn't make it easier, it filled her with sorrow and the fear consuming her body and mind just made her shake.

Shed never truly harm him, not when he was the most precious thing to her. But even the good things come to an end, and theirs had for a while now.

What she was going to do only made it permanent. But then she saw him, all the plans she made and even her morals seemed as if they had just disappeared.

She stood there, frozen admiring what she once had that was so securely and without question hers. She never succeeded; she couldn't have.

Her love was too strong, strong enough to heap for the absence of his. She still lies in bed with his presence in her head, waiting for him to realize, they were are all they ever needed.

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