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The two first lines are words that Jahseh Onfroy has said, the rest are my thought that will in hopes help others. Thank you guys for all your support i hope I make a change in at least one of your lifes. I love you all! <3

Create and Evolve

If you want to make a change you got to look in the mirror and change yourself

It starts with you, one mind can change a lot of things, the problems you create for yourself, the ones that make it difficult for you to live a life that you are happy living, let them go.

Work on them set goals.

When you react a curtain way that you do not like set a goal to better yourself,

if you do not like the person you have become set a goal and work on yourself and become that person you strive to be.

If you view yourself as a shitty person,

as a lesser person for the things that you do and the way you react to predicaments change yourself. It hard I'm not saying it is not, its probably one of the hardest things to do because it

is still for me but believe me you will see the progress in your efforts and you will be optimistic, you will feel a huge weight lifted off your chest.

Now I'm not saying this will be a process of which you do and then when done you stop because in reality you will become better but you're always going to keep wanting to be better and

better and that is the pay off of becoming better. You will never be satisfied, you will always strive for more, and life that way becomes simpler.

Take this from me, I have been a horrible person, I have been the person that denies being a shitty person,

I have been the person that blames everyone other but themselves but I have worked my ass off,

I have done things I would've never pictured would be possible of me doing and that alone gives me the motivation, the wanting to keep on going and be better. Create and Evolve!

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