Who Are You?
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anonymous16 16yrs, Female, Slytherin🐍Memento Mori💀
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I was the first person you looked at when you walked in. Who are you?

Who Are You?

By Anonymous

I was at a party when I saw you looking at me

I think you're cute, but why are you staring at me?

Do you think I'm cute too? Is there something wrong with me?

Who are you? What's you're name?

I want to talk to you, meet you, ask why you're looking at me

But I get nervous, I don't usually talk to boys

You're friends with my friend, do you ask her about me?

If so, what do you ask? do you want to get to know me? I wanna get know you,

I wanna know what you're like, I want to know your name

Who Are You? -Love The Quiet Girl

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