The Boy I Met Online
The Boy I Met Online myfeelings stories

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To a special boy I met online.

The Boy I Met Online

By Anonymous

I met you online We became friends

I think you're really cool, kind, caring, cute

But what do you think of me?

I want to meet you in person?

do you wanna meet me?

I started to have a crush on you because of your personality

I told people that I didn't have a crush on anyone in the chat

But as I chatted with you more, my feelings for you got stronger

To meet each other in person one of us would have to travel

I would love to travel, especially to meet you

But I don't have the money to go see you

I like you... Do you like me?

until these questions are answered, until we meet in person

you will be known as The Boy I Met Online -Love The Girl You Met Online

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