My Feelings For You
My Feelings For You love stories
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anonymous16 16yrs, Female, Slytherin🐍Memento Mori💀
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My feelings for you are strong but how long will they last, I'm getting tired of waiting.

My Feelings For You

By Anonymous

I have these feelings for you that I can not explain

I know we don't know each other much, but that won't stop me from having these feelings for you

We are friends but we don't know much about each other,

But I know you're kind, caring, amazing, and cute

I like you but you don't notice me much

I've never been in a relationship because I'm waiting for you

I've never had my first kiss because I want it to be with you

But I realized that after all the waiting, my feelings for you are starting to fade

I don't know how much longer I want to wait for you

I'm gonna start to have feelings for someone else eventually,

And you're gonna be the one waiting

These Are My Feelings For You, but they won't last forever. - Love Your Secret Admirer

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