My Bright Shining Star
My Bright Shining Star bff stories

anonymous16 16yrs, Female, Slytherin🐍Memento Mori💀
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This goes to my BFF, Love you forever

My Bright Shining Star

By Anonymous

I like to look at the stars

When I look at the stars, I think "how beautiful",

But I remember that I have a star in my life

A star that shines brighter than all the stars in the sky

My star is you, you are the most beautiful star of all

You are there when I need you

You're happy almost all the time

Our faces light up when we see each other

You are the best thing that ever came into my life

you're so amazing, caring, and kind

You will do anything for me

I will do anything for you

I would hate to lose you

You will always be My Bright Shining Star -Love Your BFF

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