I'm Afraid
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Not one of my best but I had to say something
It may not seem like much, but it's been a lot on me

I'm Afraid

By Anonymous

No one understands why I'm depressed

No one has even asked me "why?"

I would say because it's genetic, my mom had/has it and passed it to me, but

I know that's not true

I lost both of my great grandmothers (on my dad's side) in the same month, 1 year apart from each other


I'm afraid I'm not SMART enough to get into college

I'm afraid I'm not GOOD enough to become an artist

I'm afraid that I'm not BRAVE enough to become an actress

I'm afraid of being ALONE

I'm afraid of LOSING my family and friends

I'm afraid of HURTING my family and friends

I'm afraid of being HURT by my family and friends

And all these feelings build up I have stress which leads to anxiety which leads to depression

And I'm afraid I have no one to actually talk to about all this

I'M AFRAID - A girl with depression

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