First Class- Riverdale Chapter 1
First Class- Riverdale Chapter 1 bughead stories

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Veronica has invited Betty, Jughead, Archie, Kevin, Cheryl, and Toni on a vacation to the Bahamas.

First Class- Riverdale Chapter 1

During Christmas, Veronica had gifted her friends an all inclusive week away in the Bahamas. She wanted everyone to relax after the whole black hood situation. Betty really needed it.

At first, the six of them (except Cheryl who could never turn something like this down) were hesitant to accept the elaborate gift,

not even wanting to think about how much it must have costed Veronica, but Veronica insisted they all come.

She said that receiving extravagant and most likely expensive gifts come with her friendship. That was December.

Now, it is the last day before spring break and all they can think about during school.

Archie, nervous about wanting to make a move with Veronica on the trip, taps his pen on his desk to the beat of a new song he just wrote.

When the bell rings they all practically jump out of their seats. Nobody could sleep that night. There was too much excitement in the air.

The next morning, Veronica was up at the crack of dawn getting everything together. Andre would drive them to the airport.

She went into her parents room where she gave her parents a kiss and then headed downstairs with her many bags to meet Andre.

Their first stop was at Betty’s, and since Archie lived next door that was easy. Jughead and Toni live only a minute away from each other. Cheryl and Kevin are picked up last.

Once everyone was in the car Veronica started to gather something from her bag.

“I have one last present everyone.” Veronica interrupted the conversations to hand everyone a fake ID. “For any bars we may attend.”

“Vee this is a little much, don’t you think?” Betty asked. “Like where did you even get these?”

“I’ll give you 2 guesses.” Jughead scoffed.

“The name starts with R and ends with eggie. It’s obvious.” Archie chimed in.

“Ding!” Said Veronica. “The whole trip is ‘a little much’ so get used to it.”

As they approached the airport terminal they all gathered their things and hopped out of the car. She thanked Andre and they went to check in.

Once passed security, they made a b line to the nearest McDonald’s to find some breakfast.

“I can barely hold in my excitement. This is going to be so much fun!” Veronica said. The group agreed through their full mouths.

“I can’t thank you enough, Vee. I really am so happy that we can all get away for the week.” Chimed in Betty.

“I can already taste the cocktails on the beach.” Kevin replied.

“Mimosas are on me tomorrow!” Cheryl exclaimed, holding back as much excitement as she could.

“Everything should be set up and perfect when we are there.” Veronica said. “My family has connections to the owners of the resort.”

Jughead rolled his eyes. Betty elbowed him. “Be thankful.” She said.

“I am. I really am. Thank you Veronica.”

“No. I honestly agree with Jughead. I tried looking for a resort that wasn’t affiliated, but this one is just to die for.” Veronica imitated his eye roll.

They all laughed. They sat at there table in the food court for a half an hour before making their way to the gate.

“Gate 47. This is it. We board in 15 minutes.” Veronica informed the group.

“So where is everyone sitting? I don’t have a preference or anything, but like what is the configuration?” Archie asked.

“You’ll see.” Said Veronica.

As they were boarding, Archie went first. He boarded the plane and made his way towards the back of the plane, where he had sat when he went to visit his mother.

“Not so fast Archiekins.” Veronica stopped him. “I’m checking seven tickets under Lodge.”

“Oh, Ms. Lodge, what a pleasure to see you again. Right this way.” A flight attendant ushered the group towards the cockpit. In the front of the plane there were doors on either side.

“As per request, three double suites and one single suite.” The woman looked to Veronica.

“Thank you Melanie. This is perfect.” Veronica said as she gave the flight attendant a hug.

“More connections, huh?” Said Toni. Veronica nodded and gave a grin.

“Favors from family friends might be common on our trip.” Veronica explained.

Kevin, breaking the silence said, “please please please let me have the single suite?”

“Of course. Take it it’s yours.” Veronica nodded in the direction of the door that led to the single.

“Don’t feel like because you have the single you can’t come knocking on one of our doors to socialize. Actually I am requesting that you all come in to Betty and I’s suite first for a surprise.

” The group nodded in agreement. “Get settled first, but don’t take too long.”

They went into their respective suites. Archie and Jughead shared one. So did Cheryl and Toni. When Archie opened their door they both stood in awe.

“I never knew an airplane could feel so big.” Jughead Said, strolling into their suite.

“There are pajamas and our own bathroom. I feel like I’m in a five star hotel.” Archie said.

“There’s a menu!” Jughead exclaimed, flipping through various fancy foods.

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