I'm alone with you
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A poem highlighting these times when we are locked up with only our family.

I'm alone with you

Locked up

Can't leave the room

I'm alone with you.

my only tie to the outside world my now dead phone

And I'm alone with you.

Whatever I do to escape my boredom

you are over my shoulder

And I'm alone with you.

You Dad-dance while rapping

"I'm Fred from the hood!"

And I'm still alone with you.

You force me to watch super weird old musicals on TV

And Its starting to feel like years alone with you.

Through the times as numerous as the stars with you,

You've gotten me to laugh,

And gotten me to cry,

Gotten me wishing I had a punching bag,

And gotten me thinking I could Fly.

But all this time alone with you

has gotten me to love you,

And hate you,

Even more.

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