Invisible By Anonym

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anonym Norwegian girl writing about her life..
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Invisible By Anonym

I hate it when he gives me a call.

It's not that i'm sick of it, annoyed or angry about it.

The reason is that i know I will be hurt until I wake up in the morning and forget about it.

Yes, I know he makes me smile; he makes me happy.

But he doesn't know how much it hurts. Maybe he knows, maybe he doesn't.

Maybe I just want him to know and ask me why I'm sad.

Maybe I just want that feeling when someone doesnt give up on you.

I need him to hear me when I'm crying next to him at night. I need to know he's thinking about me.

I want him to know that i'm crying.

If I could, I would replace all the good things about him just to get his attention.

I'm tired of spending time looking forward spending time with him.

Just to feel invisible next to him.

But in the end, The thought of these feelings Isn't that bad compared to the damage he has already done to my heart.

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