Life After
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anony Hi I make scary funny emotional stories
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tale of four teenagers...surviving what? well click on the story to know and if you want more like! also today was very short but next time it will be LONGER trust me...

Life After

The life after the apocalypse, if you want me to talk about it well then we have to go WAY back.

One early morning, four teenagers got up brushed there teeth's took a shower and told there mom that there going out,

except for one of the teenagers who waited for his friends to come over to his house.

Three of the other teenagers knocked on the door of the other teenager, he soon answered the door and said " Welcome back" the three other teenagers said " Hey Dani how you doing"?

Dani said he was ok and they all went to his room and sat in chairs they were all there for a sleep over.

Dani says to Brian how he was doing since his father had passed away recently, Brian said he was ok Alex says that he is sorry that he died, as they all say sorry as Anony does the same.

but this was when the place of the zombie apocalypse starts for these 4 unfortunately teenage boys next time on the story of The Life After...

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