Forever and Always
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You broke me.

Forever and Always

Why was I not good enough? I loved you so hard, and yet, it still wasn’t enough. Shit was hard most of the time. But I thought that’s the way it was suppose to be.

I thought we were suppose to fight for us until things got better.

I begged you not to leave. So many times you gave up on me, and I got down on my knees as if I was begging for my life. In my mind, I was because YOU were my life.

You had my heart in your hands. When you gave it back, I couldn’t take it. So I watched it on the ground where you left it.


How would I recover?

At this point, open heart surgery would be easier to recover from than you leaving. But I left first, right? No. Every night I was alone for so long.

Wondering how long I would have to endure this before you finally said “okay. I want to love you again.”

So I waited.



Missing someone who was in the next room.

Then, the final straw, something that I couldn’t ignore. I was tired. I knew it would’ve just been another empty conversation.

So, I left.

But only to get your attention. Only because I thought you’d realize life without me wouldn’t be what you wanted.


It was exactly what you wanted. It’s what you wanted all along but couldn’t tell me.

So now, here I am. Laying next to someone else wondering when he will leave, too. Wondering if I’m messing up with him like I did with you.

Was it one thing you just couldn’t take anymore, or was it everything about me?

Such a fucked up metaphor every time I see “forever” & Roman numeral wedding date on my rib, the rib that God took from Adam and put into Eve to symbolize ONE.

I remember how painful the tattoo was, but It doesn’t compare to the pain I experience everyday when I see it in the mirror. Fading. Just like your love for me did.

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