Letting it out

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Just letting it out

Letting it out

To someone important From someone anonymous

I need to thank you, for everything... You are very caring, you're kind and sweet. You always listen to me talking a lot.

You are loving and thoughtful, you're dazed and confused sometimes too. You're overthinking and worrying for things and people.

You're trying to understand things better. You're curious and despite being a relatively calm person, you love to explore and get excited over things.

Your heart is enormous and you contain a lot of strength behind a coat of fragility.

And maybe, just maybe, I'll tell you all about it in detail

And maybe, just maybe, I'll show you this and many more proofs of how important you are to me.


But for now

Just concentrate on all that's a priority, work it out, all this mess

And I'll be right by your side, each time you look on your left for that friendly shoulder

To make you smile again and again

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