I'm going to confess so here it goes...
I'm going to confess so here it goes... confessed stories

anonloveletters Password is: Lovelettwes
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Sincerely Dean. I confessed my feelings now but I don't think she'll see it

I'm going to confess so here it goes...

Ok so I wasn't originally planning on doing this but i guess now I've got a chance I'm going to shoot it my name is Dean( that is not my username by the way lol) and i've been on commaful for quite a while and there's this girl I kind of like but the bad thing is i barely know her and I haven't ever messaged her but I thought damn she sounds cute and her posts are really... Just unique

So I kind of asked a few others about her and another sad thing I found out is that I live in LA and she's nowhere near by America but still i wouldn't mind liking her a good thing is is that she's just a year younger than me so that's fine and I guess you guys want me to tell you who the special girl is but I'm too scared to say but I will give you a hint that might just be the biggest give away

She has two different coloured eyes and that's all i'm about to say so bye I'm just going to log off this account now and hope that maybe just maybe she sees this

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