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**From:** Brian Lonergan (B_Long@zmail.com) **Date:** August 7, 2072
By Huntfrog https://www.reddit.com/r/...

ZombieWorld Bachelor Party

by Huntfrog

**From:** Brian Lonergan (B_Long@zmail.com)

**Date:** August 7, 2072

**To:** Jay Skerry(JSke23@zmail.com), Phil

Skerry(PDaddy@zmail.com), John




**Subject:** ZombieWorld bitches!


As all you fucktards know, next month our good friend J Ske makes the awful mistake of choosing one vagina for the rest of his life. Way to think it through, buddy. JK, she’s a great gal.

Glad her sex change surgery went so well.


As you also know, I’ve been killing it at my job. I’ve made millions and millions of dollars. Either that, or my dickhead father finally kicked the bucket and I inherited a shitload of cash.

I’ve taken the liberty to book us all round trip tickets to….


ZombieWorld, motha fuckers!


My big-titted travel agent sent a list of the top attractions, which I pasted below. It’s gonna be epic.


**Attractions & Entertainment**


**Museum of the Undead** - Open daily 7am – 7pm

Learn about the origins of the virus.


**Zombie Festival of Fantasy Parade** - 3pm and 5pm daily

Watch a zombie parade consisting of all your favorite historical characters. See icons such as Abraham Lincoln, Tom Brady, and General Stormwall from the 2065 Zombie War.


**Rock & Ghoul Roller Coaster** - all day

You are strapped next to a zombie as you twist and turn and hopefully not throw up! All the while, classic rock blasts through your eardrums.


**Gladiator Battle** - 7pm and 10pm daily

Watch our heroes fight zombies to the death. A variety of weapons make this a must-see event.


**Monster Truck Mash Up**

Watch our expert drivers go against each other to see who can rack up the most kills. Bet on your favorite.


**Archer’s Delight**

Can you hit a bulls-eye? How about between a zombie’s eyes?


**Zombie Feeding Frenzy** – 3pm and 8pm (weekend only)

Watch zombies tear apart and feast on human flesh. Don’t worry, the “humans” are captured terrorists.


**Craz-E Maze** – adults only (must fill out waiver)

Think you got what it takes to get out of the maze? You not only have to navigate the tunnels, but also kill any of the roaming undead. That’s right, kill or become a zombie. Weapons provided.




**Orgy of the Damned** – adults only, midnight on Saturdays

Watch humans mate with zombies, if you dare. Two drink minimum.


**Brothel of the Undead** - 10pm – 3am

Get your rocks off! Don’t worry, the zombie-tutes are completely restrained and proper protection will be provided. Free buffet!




**Hannibal’s Steak and Ale House**

Pretend you’re a zombie and dine on the flesh of traitors from all over the globe. Captured fresh and cooked to your liking. Bring an appetite.


**The Little Mer-zombie’s Under the Sea Tavern**

Dine with a complete 360 degree view of am amazing underwater world of zombie sea creatures, such as Jaws the Undead Shark. Do not miss feeding time!


**New Themepark**


**Zombie Zoo & Aviary**

See your favorite animals completely zombiefied! Lions, tigers, bears, oh my!


**ZombieWorld** – Roll over and play *with* the dead

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