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A reminder to my future self. Never give up.

Your story

By a younger me

Dear Older Me, Do not forget the beauty of the small moments. The day we got the diagnosis, a butterfly had landed on your finger.

The morning he forced himself on you, Was the first time you woke up without being in pain in weeks. Pain followed, but we had a break for 2 beautiful hours.

When you found out you could never have children,Your best friend found out she was pregnant. You were happy, so happy when she told you and talked pregnancy ideas.

This change brings you relief. We have been through worse, but every step there has been a hint of joy. It's raining today, the sky knows we love the rain.

You lost your job, But that nice gentleman held the door for us and smiled. The clerk complimented your shirt. And we got our favorite drink -on discount even.

We strong, my fragile future self. We are not alone. And it is never as bad as all that, even spring has brought us flowers in our pain.

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