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I want a movie that starts off with your basic lame average romance movie. You know,
By musiclovercd3 https://musiclovercd3.tum...

You know what I want?

by musiclovercd3

I want a movie that starts off with your basic lame average romance movie.

You know,

the one where the protagonist is about to get married but then a week before they do they meet someone SOO much better than their current fiancee who coincidentally is swamped with the

most important business project of their life and has been to busy to spend time with them? Yeah. Something like that.

So the movie goes on an the viewers are shipping the protagonist and the new person and halfway through the movie the protagonist has fallen for them and the two of them kiss.

Except, as soon as they separate which is after the protagonist has given a big speech to the new person about how terrible their current fiance is and how much they love the new person,

the camera zooms into the background where you see THE FIANCEE WHO HAS HEARD AND SEEN EVERYTHING

And they are crying. Full on, silent crying, their clutching their heart. And they watched as their love leads this person they’ve known their whole life/just meet that morning to the bedroom.

The bedroom that the Fiancee/protagonist share. And in that moment, the movie changes.

The protagonist isn’t the protagonist anymore. The Fiancee is.

And you have to watch them as they stand there the next week pretending they didn’t see anything waiting for the other person to tell them. They dont, they just skip town with their new lover.

So the fiancee has to call off the wedding and return everything and apologize to rude realities who blame them instead of the runaway groom/bride and who spent money flying out…you have

to watch the rest of the movie as this person breaks and either loses the big business job because of this heartbreak or throws them self into work so much they’re barley human anymore.

And you have to watch knowing you shipped the first two characters, and feeling like because you shipped them, your partley responsible for this person’s suffering.

You have to watch the consequences the first protagonist left behind.

The new protagonist doesn’t find love, there is no big time skip.

The past part of the movie is simply watching this broken person pick up the pieces of their own heart without any help and slowly, oh so slowly getting better.

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