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dear Love, i hate every waking moment
By bankssierra1999 https://bankssierra1999.t...

You & i

by bankssierra1999

dear Love,

i hate every waking moment

knowing You aren’t the one

who will be mine forever

i hate feeling the emptiness

that crawls beneath my skin

when You’re away

i hate that we’ve traded

Our Ocean

for the ugly surface

i hate not having You around…

not having You beckon at my feet

not allowing me to stumble at Yours…

not calling me darling when You say goodbye…

the amount of holes i’ve punched

in this emotional wall

are unlimited

every word i say is…..


but i wish

Your Smell

wasn’t a figure of my imagination

i wish

Your Face

wasn’t just in my dreams

i wish

Your Touch

didn’t require my eyes to be closed

i wish


would come Home…

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