Would You Feel Any Different? (Disney Challenge)
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Imagine this. You, a person of incredible strength and intelligence, are imprisoned against your will.
By KMApok https://www.reddit.com/r/...

Would You Feel Any Different? (Disney Challenge)

by KMApok

Imagine this.

You, a person of incredible strength and intelligence, are imprisoned against your will.

Your captors leave you unattended for years. They don't care. They know you will survive.

Despite your power and ingenuity, there is no way out of your cell. You've tried a thousand things. A million.

Nothing works. The cell holds. It takes everything you have to keep the madness of your isolation from consuming you.

For all your gifts, you still are a sentient being, and have a breaking point.

But every once in awhile, one of your captors release you. Only for a short time. And only for a specific purpose. Call it 'exercise'. Call it 'torture'.

It's a brief glimpse of the world beyond your walls, but you will only be free for a fraction of the time you've been imprisoned. Then back you go. My hatred for them grew exponentially.

Over time, I learned begging, pleading, bargaining, did little to sway my captors.

Sure, some of them seemed to feel a little sorry for me, but at the end of the day, it was always back into the cell I went.

So I went a different route. I started joking with my captors, making them see me as a comrade. If pity didn't work, maybe friendship would.

It didn't seem to take; they always seemed to be too worried about what it would cost them to help me.

Until this one. He was young, and seemed optimistic. When he let me out, we immediately connected.

He was a good kid, don't get me wrong. But I saw he was my best chance. And I hated him, just like all the others. Every one of his kind that imprisoned me would pay one day. I just had to be patient.

I had to keep up the act.

I pulled out everything I had. Every trick, every manipulation. He was so naive, he fell for every one.

Then the moment came. It was time for me to return to my cell. I looked at him, and gave him my speech, and my best sympathetic expression. Now or never.

He held up the lamp. "Genie, I wish for your freedom!"

The words I had been waiting for were uttered. My chains fell, and I smiled.

Now, I would show this hapless guard and all the others their mistake.

They had no idea what phenomenal cosmic power was. But they were about to learn.

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