[Worldbuilder] The Last 15 Years of Rümju's Life
[Worldbuilder] The Last 15 Years of Rümju's Life stories

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**112 BC** Rümju had just been married to Wüyusâm. He could not believe he had to go to the war! He was very saddened by this outcome in his life.
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[Worldbuilder] The Last 15 Years of Rümju's Life

by gokupwned5

**112 BC**

Rümju had just been married to Wüyusâm. He could not believe he had to go to the war! He was very saddened by this outcome in his life.

**106 BC**

Every 6 years, the soldiers are allowed to return to their homes if the journey is 50 miles or less.

Rümju thought to himself, "Thank goodness I live near this last battle!" and so, he embarked on his journey to home.

He entered the house to see that his brother had been taking good care of his home so that nothing would be stolen. "Wülunsa!" "Hey Rümju, how is the war so far?"

"The nuclear bomb was excavated by our cousin Remgü but he died from the radiation."

"Oh, is it not a weird coincidence that Ridâfuñân literally means nuclear death?"

"Yes Wülunsa. Why must you always be oblivious to name oracles when you yourself are a child oracle?"

"I enjoy it actually."


*The next morning, Rümju woke up from his peaceful slumber and met with Wülunsa.*

"Wülunsa, any predictions for any of the futures of my comrades?"

"No. I only have one for you."


"You will have a child who will live to see the end of the war. His name is something I cannot identify."

"What will be his future?"

"He will marry a beautiful woman and start a lineage that will become very prestigious in the future. His most prominent descendant will be born in 1956 years.

I cannot predict anything else after that..."


Rümju left to return to his war but Wülunsa did not have the heart to tell him that he was also a life oracle. One of the most prestigious types of oracles.

He knew what would happen to Rümju's comrades on that faithful day 3 years from now.

**103 BC**

Rümju was on a scavenger hunt with his crew of 10 people when all of a sudden, they triggered an entire mine field setting off nuclear bombs everywhere!

Rümju ran as fast as he could and activated his body enhancers but his comrades were not so lucky. They became severely deformed and died moments later.

**100 BC**

"Ju! Ju!" shouted the child "The oracle is approaching! He appears excited!". Rümju responded, "Yes Vudisoni. I will go meet the oracle to see the news.

" And so, Rümju went to Wülunsa and asked, "Wülunsa, what is the great news you have received?" "Rümju, we won the war!" "Oh yes!".

Rümju ran to his son and told him with happiness, "We won the war! I do not have to go back tommorow!"

Wülunsa said , "Rümju, I have a confession to make."


"I knew of your comrades fate as I am also a life oracle."

"What? How could you betray me, I could have prevented it! I, I need to leave"

Rümju was never seen after that day. He then died of the same fate 3 years later...

**488 words**

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