Winter In Hill Country
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Winter is different spring comes in February.. These photos were taken within 50 miles of my home.

Winter In Hill Country

By the Texaspo8

Winter gets me jumpier than a frog on a griddle. My feet get cold in late October and don't warm up until mid March. The toilet seat is so cold, I get frostbite on my buns. My hands get so cold that anything I touch turns to ice. My dog shuns me in favor of a warm blanket. My pet rattlesnake is hibernating

Winter clouds compact like dull steel sheet stained dove gray in places

Moving with the never ending scene above my head races

Yet still seems to enfetter and suppress the abyssal Earth

In abstemious denial of any countenance of rebirth

Where once children gamboled on verdant slopes and flowers bloomed

Now all life sequestered in the fetid breath of winter's gloom

The hills, mesas, and canyon lands lacking the blessing of snow

To soften the angularity of the dead tan tableau

I apologize for not reviewing more over the Holidays. I love your poetry, stories, jokes, and seeing your precious raw hearts revealed. I HAVE TWO GUEST BEDROOMS Y'ALL. If you are going to SXSW in Austin this spring pm me and I'll give you a coupon for a free meal from my son who owns a fried chicken truck.

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