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This happened a while ago. allow me to set the scene.
By JaffasJeffs https://www.reddit.com/r/...

Why won't you let us in!

by JaffasJeffs

This happened a while ago.

allow me to set the scene.

I was working a mid shift (something like 11am-9pm) which means I was there for all three rushes of the day. (usually around 2.30, 6.30 and 8).

This isn't long after the release of moana in the u.k.

So its biz-ayyy, most of the time theres a turnaround of 15-30 mins to clean the screens, however some had fucked up and only put on a 5 min turnaround. IN OUR BIGGEST SCREEN....

(can seat about 350ish)

Panic has ensued and now 5+ people are cleaning the screen instead of the usual 2 required and I'm stopping people from going into the screen early,

cue the "can i speak to the manager" haircut wearing customer and her unruly brood.



Me: Hi, sorry about this but screen 8 is still being cleaned and is going to take a while lon-

C: "Why are we waiting out here?"

Me: *oh boy herewegooo, there goes any chance of genuine customer service I was going to give you*

"As I was trying to say, the screen is still being cleaned at the moment, hopefully it'll be ready in the next 5 or 10 minutes."

C: *scowls at me, then proceeds to try to walk past me down towards the screen*

Me: "Sorry but we don't allow people into the screens while cleaning is in progress"

C: "This is just ridiculous its already 5 minutes past the time on the ticket!!!

Me:*smile gone, now fed up of the dumb...dumb...dumb, customer* "It has been a busy day, don't worry about missing your film, if need be we can pause it."

C: "Why Won't **you** let us in! I want to speak to a manger."

I blanked her after this, about 5 minutes later or second biggest screen comes out, I let the screen cleaners know this.

C: "Well excuse me, what is taking them so long! blahblahblah...."

At this point the 100+ people waiting patiently are giving her funny looks and just when I'm about to snap, the army of cinema workers that cleaned the screen come out.

one helps me get people through the door, two shoot of to the other screen and the last (a manager) starts to move past me, I know its coming and I'm dreading it annnnd....

C: "Are you a manager?"


M: "Yes, how can I help?"

C: "Yeah, what was taking so long, this boy here made some thing up about you cleaning i'm tired and wanted to sit i should have a refund or something blah blah blah.."

the manager throws me a look as if to say what^the^fuuuuck

M: "sorry, buts its a really busy day, and I can't refund for a film unless you no longer plan on seeing it"

C: *huffs and puffs, nothing gets blown down* "well no, I still want to see the film."

M: "In that case theres nothing I can do for you, enjoy your movie."

Manager gets called away to see to another more reasonable customer.

C: *muttering under her breath as she went towards screen* "never coming here again, blah blah blah."

Me and the manager laugh about it later.

Fucking crazies man, and she had 3 kids , poor bastards.

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