Why No Organization or Group Can Claim Universality
Why No Organization or Group Can Claim Universality stories

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Why No Organization or Group Can Claim Universality

1. No organization or group can claim to be acting for the force that is in charge of the universe. All religions and other gatherings of human beings are unable to be the corporate doorway to the truth. The only ones who can see the truth are individuals, each in their own way.

All visions of the truth are individual, explicit, and changeable. All individuals have a sense of the truth. The closest we can come is to understand that LOVE POWER describes the reality in which love and power operate as one thing.

3 The power that is ultimate, the creator, the One, the Force, the Source, is beyond the capacity of any to name. Each of us is connected to one another and the source. This is the testimony of more and more individuals

The material world is completely real to us. So is the world of imagination, thought, and action. There is no lack of unity between what is material and what is created by individual actors.

The world suffers from the wedge we place between reality and unreality. Every shred of everything we think and do is as real as every gear and table and crumb we can touch. LOVE POWER is the universal basis for evaluating reality as we know it.

No existing religion can or ever will command the allegiance of all. No organization that claims to know the workings of divinity beyond human reason serves humankind well. Good service to humankind is whatever is consistent with LOVE POWER.

3 Universal words capture snapshots of the nameless ultimate I call LOVE POWER. Words like Beauty, Truth, Freedom, Justice, Love. These words are signs that serve us well. We are not served by claims of any organization that suggest they know what is not knowable.

What's knowable is what reflects LOVE POWER. LOVE POWER seeks nothing but affirmation. LOVE POWER is the property of none.

LOVE POWER is free to every individual. LOVE POWER has no masters, plan, or creed. LOVE POWER is the only thing we need.

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