When you think everyone hates you..
When you think everyone hates you.. stories

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If you ever feel lonely this is for you

When you think everyone hates you..

You feel lonely

You feel sad

You want to die

You feel like no one understands you

But you're not lonely,sad,many of us understands you.. There's no reason to die

You are loved Everyone cares for you But they don't show it 'cause they're scared you'll think they're weak..

I'm here too Don't forget you have others too We love you and we care for you

Always stay strong When you think you can't take it anymore you can Then.. You have to be the strongest

I love you I care for you But I don't dare to say that But I do.. And I will

If you need help ask Don't be quiet..

Forget everything bad they told you And FORGIVE them

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