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The demon and the angel arrived in the delivery room simultaneously. “Fuck you,” growled one.
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When Angels Gamble


The demon and the angel arrived in the delivery room simultaneously.

“Fuck you,” growled one.

“I think I reserved these souls a while ago, friend,” replied the other. “Tell you what. She’s having twins. You claim one and I’ll take the other. Fair?”

“Fair,” agreed the first reluctantly.

“Don’t be mad!” Laughed the second. “Let’s make it interesting. Whichever of us guides our new friend toward a bigger impact on the world – gets to claim both souls. Sounds fun, right?”

“Deal,” answered the angel immediately, eager to salvage the situation.

The angel guided his child toward success as a famous doctor who was eventually assigned to the international task force aimed at eradicating a futuristic Black Plague.

The demon influenced his child to become the most infamous criminal of the new millennium: a murderous cult leader who organized countless terror attacks before succumbing to the

same disease his twin was researching.

In fact, the cure was found a week after the cult leader’s death.

“Ha! My child rescued millions from the jaws of extinction – yours was a mere murderer,” boasted the angel. “I’ll take ownership of both of their souls now, thank you.”

The demon smiled patiently.

Driven insane by stress and conflict from not saving his psychotic brother in time, the doctor faked his suicide and joined his brother’s cult,

driving it toward even more ghastly crimes as its leader reborn.

“You just helped put someone with world-class knowledge of biological warfare in charge of the most dangerous terrorist group in history,” laughed the demon as the angel looked on in horror.

“I warned you that I’d already claimed both their souls, didn’t I?”

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