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This is a small part of what it is like for the weak, like myself.


Being brave is different than being weak like myself, people like me are easily broken down and hurt. I myself am writing this because no one listens to what I have to say, so I am looking for an outlet to relieve my stresses. I am not great at poems and such, but I am going to go with what comes to my mind.

The smiles you have shown to me were sweet, but the love you gave was none. How am I, a merely broken woman supposed to give all of the love and passion to a man who does not love back? Simply I do, but so much unto which my heart is glued to yours.

Weakening heart, waking eyes, crying soul... Nothing more, I have seen that you do not wish to have me as yours, and you do not wish to love me as I love you.

Weak... The word merely a definition of thyself, an adult is just as weak and vulnerable as the small child. Our mentality is the same when love enters our lives, we wish to be nurtured and coddled until we can not stand it anymore and wish to leave the one loving us. The weak though, stay and wait until the love stops on its own and holds onto nothing, thinking that holding on to nothing is easier than letting go.

A teenager, just as myself goes through many emotions. But I myself, a 15 year old, have many things to learn about being alone and having no love from my companion. My heart feels desperate now, but I do not realize that soon enough the pain will worsen and become unbearable and I will have to act responsibly. Not to act is to have no feelings, which we all want, but to act is to have too much feelings, and there is nothing in between,

My weak hands, my weak heart all follow the dark light unto which you cast upon me, but I only see the bright white light that my heart wants to see, and my eyes strain until they do. What shall I do, follow you to the deep dark nothingness of hell or become astray and go nowhere but to which I am standing?

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