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by Abbie

I used to think water was beautiful. The soft blue waves filled with secrets and stories. The beach was always my favourite place to go. Right where I was close to the water...

This all changed when one trip to the water went terribly wrong. The water splashed at my feet adorning my toes with sand and sea foam. The water cool and strong. A comforting feeling.

I decided at that moment that I would dive into its dark depths, delve into its secrets. Diving in the water allowed me enter. Pushing my body I swam out further in the water.

Needing air I pushed towards the surface only to find that the water had granted me entrance but no exit. Fighting to push my head above the surface the salty water filled my lungs.

Seaweed wrapped around my legs holding me as the ocean took me away. The air was gone from me and with my vision fading I sunk.

Falling into the dark abyss I became one of the waters secrets. A dark and terrible secret not meant for other water lovers to know about.

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