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Time Ruins
I cry and crawl and scream asking for help
We can’t do more than this - they say
You gotta help yourself - they say
I’m scared
I don’t wanna spend any more time in this room
He’s downstairs in front of the tv
He brings me down
He is chocking me
This room is chocking me
I spent 7 years up here
Every one day more is one day less
My body is in ruins
It’s getting worse every day
I gotta go out now
I only have this summer
Help me don’t ask me how
I wanna hear my mom
Stop crying – she would say
I can’t stand you anymore
Do something about it instead
I need I need
I’m making desperate rattles
He hears me
My body is crumbling every day
It’s falling apart
They cannot hear it
They cannot believe
I only have this summer
Listen to me it’s really hard to say
You gotta save yourself – you might say
Your body is ok only your mind needs cure – she’ll say
Time heals - the girl is saying
The passing time is hurting my body
I can feel it happening
I can see it
I’m telling you distractions ain’t working anymore
I don’t wanna go to sleep
I wanna scream
I wanna make terrible rattles
I want him to hear from downstairs
He won’t come up
It’s ok
Those 7 years are heavy
On my mind on my chest
I don’t wanna waste any more time
Get me out
Invite me out
Heal the wounds of time
Make me younger
Cancel the furrows dug by my tears
Do it and I promise that I’ll be better
And that I’ll do better this time.

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