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Kissing in the rain scene requested by @daphnegreengrass (Feel free to request more scenes and I’ll get to them
By unwrittenramblings https://unwrittenrambling...


by unwrittenramblings

Kissing in the rain scene requested by @daphnegreengrass

(Feel free to request more scenes and I’ll get to them


We hadn’t planned to get caught in the rain,

but I suppose it was just my luck the one chance to finally get some alone time with him since we had shared that awkward kiss in the dark and it starts pouring rain.

The party had turned out to be a waste of time and he convinced me to go on a walk with him.

I was hoping he would pick me up in his arms and kiss me as soon as we left but i was left sort of disappointed, even as crazy as it had seemed. We just walked, and made small talk.

We stopped at a beat up playground and just sat on the swings. It was quiet for a while before he turned to me.

“Do you remember the other week..”

“Yeah” I said, too quickly, “I mean kinda…I guess.” Great. Now I looked like a moron.

He opened his mouth to say something else when the downpour hit. In something between panic and revelry we raced towards the shelter of a tree, hand in hand.

He stopped short of the protection, almost making me slip and fall.

“What is it?” I asked

He stood silently for a moment before grinning at the sky like the idiot that he was. “At the risk of being cliche…”

He never finished the sentence. Instead he grabbed my waist and pulled me to him. Our lips met to the sound of thunder cracking overhead and the downpour worsened.

My hands reached up to wrap around his neck, fingers brushing past his stubble that he was too lazy to shave. His arms wrapped around me and lifted me up to meet his lips again.

I could feel him start to grin again as we were steadily soaked to the bone. The cold water didn’t matter compared to the heat I could feel through his chest.

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