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I once had a friend With a spark in her eyes
By bandages-and-bleeding-hearts http://bandages-and-bleed...


by bandages-and-bleeding-hearts

I once had a friend

With a spark in her eyes

A fire in her soul,

A spirit free of lies

She would laugh often,

With her head thrown aback

A natural-born optimist,

Her skies were ne'er black

We lost touch for a year once

As time created a range

But when we next spoke

All I saw was a change

The spark was flushed out,

The fire had died

She had lost all the things

That once kept her alive

I asked her what happened

She couldn’t reply

For now there were storm clouds

Fogging her sky

All creativity lost

Drowned out by the crowd

Her personality died

Covered by long sleeves and doubt

I once knew a girl

Who put on facades

She was determined to make it

Despite all the odds

She wore a bright smile

Though her home life was shit

She was determined to not

Let it pain her one bit

She wanted to be different,

Independent and smart

Not like the people

Who stomped on her heart

So determined to fight,

She lost sight of the truth

And fell into an abyss

Of lies so uncouth

I watched a free spirit fly

With high hopes and high dreams

Now the high that she gets

Comes in billows and steams

A kid I once knew

Used to be filled with such light

Energetic and fun,

He would sing with delight

But beneath such exterior,

Darkness took hold

Turning him terrible,

Brazen and bold

His ego inflated

While his heart stayed the same

You would never believe

The dirt he brought to his name

His life became fighting,

Drama, parties, and sex

He lived for the rush

Of naming ex after ex

Friends slowly died out

In twos and then fours

And now he’s alone

Blindly salting new sores

Nature vs. Nurture

The greatest debate

We’re born to opportunity,

But it’s all up to fate

I’ve watched good people die

And seen bad people reborn

And at this point I can’t decide

I truly am torn

I’ve firmly decided

That I won’t see the day

When people are born happy

And remain that way.

~~ copyright 2017

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