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Literally just realized. Imma name five of my old childhood friends.
By catthecreepypasta https://catthecreepypasta...


by catthecreepypasta

Literally just realized.

Imma name five of my old childhood friends.

Lucy, Shelby, Loran Olivia, Sarah, Julie.

Now, what do they all have in common?

They all moved.

Lucy who was my first friend ever moved in second grade- we were friends since kindergarten and I learned she was moving the day she left.

Shelby was next- even tho I barely remember her, she was a good friend, and suddenly moved with no explanation and haven’t heard of her since.

Loran Olivia was the same as Shelby, except we were close sine kindergarten, but started drifting since third. She moved in fifth grade.

Sarah… She was my first real best friend. We first met in first grade. Same softball team. We then departed and met again in third and stuck like glue. When she had to move it broke my heart.

She moved in the summer between my fifth grade and sixth grade year. I still hear from her, but for the past 5-6 months I haven’t heard from her.

And lastly Julie. We became friends through Sarah. She moved at the end of sixth. Funny thing actually- she moved near Sarah. I’m happy she did.

Hopefully they have talked more recently than I have them.

And now, two friends I’ve made this year- Stormy and Angel, are moving during the summer and in the fall.

And unsurprisingly, it doesn’t phase me anymore, and luckily they aren’t too close of friends so it won’t hurt.

Guess I’m used to friends moving away.

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