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“I love you because of you” I once said that,
By flowers-are-noice https://flowers-are-noice...


by flowers-are-noice

“I love you because of you”

I once said that,

When my friends life was spiraling out of control

They refused to believe it. But it would be okay?


Now I’m heartbroken,

crushed, feeling such

a deep pang of sorrow.

“I love you because of you” should I tell myself that?

Would I believe it if someone told me those words?

“I love YOU because of you” I guess not


Now my life is spiraling out of control. Voices on my head telling me that

“I̸'m̸ n̸o̸t̸ g̸o̸o̸d̸ E̸N̸O̸U̸G̸H̸”

there’s another voice fighting saying

“I’m enough.

I’ll survive another day.”

Right now, I’m hugging my knees rocking back and forth just repeating “I’m enough” just barely staying afloat in my ocean of misery. What do I do? The tides are rising up.

I’m sinking, now gasping for air as I try to stay afloat

“I knew it was wrong but I kept ignoring you” “why? What did I do? ”

my head is barely above water

“I love you because of you” why? I ask a I’m tumbling down into a fit of depression and anxiety,

why would you say that?

What did o do to deserve your love

Your compassion?

Your kindness

“I love you because of you”


I might not be able to believe it but it’s keeping me alive

“I love you because of you”

I’m gonna be okay right?

“I love you because of you”


I’ll live to see another day.

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