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Today has been one of the worst days. So many bills keep piling up.
By spacemuffinz https://spacemuffinz.tumb...


by spacemuffinz

Today has been one of the worst days.

So many bills keep piling up.

We got an eviction and disconnect notice in the same week.

Roommate’s doctor said he may be experiencing eye deterioration due to diabetes. Over and above the broken eye socket he got from getting jacked.

He’s been trying to get on disability.

Barely makes $150 a week.

And earlier today he found out his mom had a stroke. She was just here last month.

She lives in Oklahoma and drove all the way here to her moms house who just died to settle her belongings and such.

Had a stroke a week later.

Then my girlfriend was walking home from work today and got assaulted by a bum cuz she wouldn’t give them money. Turned into a whole ordeal.

Cops showed up and, come to find out, the bum had a warrent and was basically shaking people down for some cash to skip town.

He took a swing at oona in front of the cop and got tased then carted off.

Oona only had a few dollars from tips. We live on that.

So that happened then she got home and roger told her about his mom’s stroke. Then called me at work and I about had a nervous breakdown panic attack from stress in the middle of the lunch rush.

On top of the disconnect and eviction notices.

Meanwhile my mouth is full of abscessed and compacted teeth and I literally get about 3 hours of sleep a night and wake up nearly crying because my mouth feels like hell.

Wtf can we even do.

We’re so screwed.


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