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12:49 am 4/7/17 I literally wish I was anyone but me
By unrestassured https://unrestassured.tum...


by unrestassured

12:49 am 4/7/17

I literally wish I was anyone but me

I want to feel nothing

I want to have a moment of peace

to not feel bombarded by these fucking feelings

I want to go a day without having to write down how I feel because its the only fucking outlet I have

I want to be more than me

I want to be in a crowded room full of my favorite people and not feel like shit

to make an excuse to leave

only to go home and lay in bed

writing about how lonely I am

people can’t fix other people

you’re not super glue

you’re not anyone

who can fix me

I shouldn’t be so trusting

I shouldn’t get attached

I shouldn’t think people like me

I shouldn’t think I’m good enough

I shouldn’t

I shouldn’t

I wish I was anyone but me

I’m so tired


I can’t stop thinking about this

I’m almost 25 and I’ve never met anyone who has said the words I love you and meant them.

anyone who I can barely remember their face in three years time.

I wish I knew what was wrong with me

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