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Corona virus:
The day we became the Presidents of the World. POWs™

Exactly! that’s simple. wow!!!
For many years, what i was trying to do…
Corona has done that in months. True!!
Covid-19 has finally saved the world forever.
And in the end, everything has to be ok.
Now we all are staying safe online from our homes.
i Wish!!! We all had our own beautiful gardens.
But this will happen more and more.
If you dont listen to me.
Nature has it’s own ways!!! It’s Sad but it’s true so many deaths.
So please do exactly what I always say.
And I promise you that…
In next 10 years, in year 2030…
We all will be staying safe from our own big beautiful gardens online. 
I promise, one acre of a garden and free internet for each of us,
iBagh™ for all people around the world.

And all we have to do is to share this posts more and more.
In simple words just push the share button for 88 times and i promise you will get 1 acre of garden and free internet iBagh™!!!
So please share this post for 88 times.
Simply hit the share button for 88 times to get your own iBagh™.
Because only with the power of sharing we can save the world and we can save the humanity forever.
As all we need to live is a garden and internet. iBagh™
And thank you very much.
Thanks you all. Thank you.
Hello Friends, and i love you.
You are me, i love my self and i love you all.
I am Kash2030™
The First President of the World
And i love you only because by the end of this video you all will become super human being, as you are the Presidents of the World. POWs™. Yes!!! Your are POW’s saving the world.

And we all are fighting for free equal land for everyone around the world.
I am nothing without you.
You are nothing without me, and that’s true.
So please follow me, follow me now. Follow Kash2030™.
And Special thanks to Corona! for saving the world forever.
and now we all know exactly what we need.
All we need is a garden and internet to live. nothing else… nothing…
And BTW how is the air, clean air, fresh air, no smoke, not so much heat, no traffic no pollution right?
As if now the air is clean, water is pure, and the land is more fertile than it was many years before.
Almost all People around the world are staying safe online from their homes. True!
Wish they all had listened to me earlier, shared my posts, shared my videos.
And by now we all had equal lands, our own gardens and free internet.

So by sharing my posts 88 times everyone will get a garden soon.
As all we need is a garden and internet to live. iBagh™ for all.
People don’t understand mother nature until they die.
And Trump is dying to see me in person but…
I am a nature loving guy who believe in online meetings.
Just no planes, high-speed internet, zero pollution, and no carbon foot-print.
These champions can never learn.
They are killing people without thinking much. Polluting the environment without realising the outcome… they can never understand science of Pandemics.
They still don’t listen to the voice of mother nature. Climate change and pollution.
But you my friends you always listen, you know that i am always right.
How can a President of the World ever be wrong?

Dear Friends!
To end poverty, hunger, in-justice, unemployment and pollution.
All we need is a garden and internet to live, nothing else…
And i know if everyone of us, share this post more and more 88 times, than everyone will have a garden and free internet. equal land. iBagh™
Impossible is nothing, this is the only idea with which we can save the world and humanity forever and…
Original idea always sells.
Original idea is everything. Trump copied Reagan, you have the results… Right?
Only my idea is 100% original. Trust me.
Our original need is a food and internet and best food comes from a garden.
I know that its never easy to accept Change.
And trust me Friends. i got this idea, while i was sitting on an Apple tree.
I was eating sweet sweet apples and getting rid of disease, sickness, hunger, greed, in-justice, un-employment, pollution fore


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