Truth or destruction
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Burning the place down My passions burn hot
By redthreadtugs https://redthreadtugs.tum...

Truth or destruction

by redthreadtugs

Burning the place down

My passions burn hot

An inferno now far gone

Out of my control

Truth or destruction

I’ll burn the goddam place down

Surely damn us both

The oceans will boil

With the rage filling my heart

I cannot stop it

I hate what’s become

Of our love twas once so sweet

Now changed forever ~jRefusing to watch it burn

I cry for you, luv

Please hear my voice pleading now

Reaching through your pain

An ember, our love

Still glows in our hearts, searing

Binding us as one

Truth or destruction?

My pain. Your pain. Multiplies.

Hold tight in this storm.

If your faith in us

wavers from my foolishness

Hold fast the anchor.

When I was lost luv,

My compass. My guide. My friend.

Take a bearing now.

I am still here, luv.

No. I am not leaving you.

Not today. Not ever.

~k  <3July 5, 2017

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