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This is about my friend


Truly, she is beautiful.

maybe it is her hair. maybe it is her body language. maybe it is her voice. maybe her touch.

she draws in everyone she can. female. male. friend. enemy. she is gentle. she is comforting. she is ruling her world and all of her subjects.

the queen of hypocrisy and kindness. she has fire in her hair and in her eyes. a shocking feel of her. she is electric.

standing next to her is being next to a weeping willow. covered. swallowed. stuck. and she weeps a soaked temper. no shock, she cries pearls to match her face.

engaging. in starlight, she glitters. in sunlight, she soaks it in. her dark skin shows it.

however.... underneath her glitter. underneath her electricity. underneath her fire. underneath her pearls. underneath her beauty. there is a pit of mud.

her heart. dark and disgusting, she makes people believe otherwise and uses the mud to paint a face, hiding her truth. she is a serpent dragon.

off her lips fall fire and lies. creatively manipulative. searching forward her next victim. the prey stay unaware. she captures you, and you fall in love. some and some not romantically, but love all the same. you love her. we all do.

tragically. drastically. unfortunately. yet, truly. she is beautiful.

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