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The little girl started out the way most children do with bright, hopeful eyes.
By TeamShadowWind

Traurige Augen

by TeamShadowWind

The little girl started out the way most children do

with bright, hopeful eyes.

The eyes would crinkle when she laughed

Shine brighter when she found herself excited or curious.

They saw


Opened to ideas

Closed to experience dreams

They teared up sometimes

Before crinkling once more.

But the girl-

as all little girls do-

grew up.

She was older.

Her eyes blurred, and she picked out


to help her see



The eyes felt.

In conjunction to the brain

in the not-so-little girl’s head.

The eyes saw more.

Some things weren’t very pure or exciting anymore

so the girl

turned her eyes away.

The eyes dripped in incredulity at the


more often.

The girl

whose eyes had drunk up more of the world

found herself very alone.

The eyes watered

She stood apart from the others.

Even when she moved to

another place

she felt like a stubborn jigsaw piece.


But the girl-

as all not-so-little girls do-

grew up.

Here, the eyes widened in hopefulness

as she found companions.

Here, she promised herself she wouldn’t cry.

The eyes broke the promise a few times

but the girl pushed on.

She could smile in good company, at least.

With her friends, she stretched and changed on her frame

Chemicals did strange things

She clung tighter without realizing.

The girl did realize, though,

how unwilling she was to let go of these

amazing, beautiful times.

These happy times

But the girl-

as all young women do-

grew up.

The eyes, seeing very few precious things

and so many ugly

became faucets

in solitude.

The eyes tried to shine for the crowd,

but had lost their innocent luster.

Friends left

Scattered leaves

And the girl found herself alone once more.

No longer strong enough to gather more

precious people.

She no longer felt like moving on.

But the girl-

as all women do-

grew up.

The eyes

Dripped, streamed, flowed

Once in the wings

of the world stage.


The very word dampened her dead, dull eyes.

The eyes saw others-

Happy couples, rowdy friends.

The eyes remembered when the girl had such nice things.

The eyes saw dark things-

dastardly plans

to dispose of the gift.

The eyes saw an array of lights

and were stung by the wind.

Not wanting to see anymore,

The girl removed her sight

and the landscape blurred

and the landscape blurred.

The girl’s eyes were wet

in damp finality

as she leapt off the edge of the world

and disappeared

leaving only in her wake

a pair of red glasses.

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