Today I fucked up by giving a homeless guy $80
Today I fucked up by giving a homeless guy $80 stories

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Preface: *Not trolling for money, thanks*
By McSwearWolf

Today I fucked up by giving a homeless guy $80

by McSwearWolf


*Not trolling for money, thanks*

So I'm a semi-broke grad student and Lyft driver and this morning it was raining in my city. I ran into CVS to grab something and I was wearing an old coat with deep pockets (relevant to story).

I also paid in cash which I never do as I rarely carry cash. So I walk out after buying my couple of items and see this older homeless man I often see in my neighborhood.

I give him a dollar here or there some days when I can.

He's in his wheelchair looking helpless and getting rained on so I figure, hey,

even though I'm broke (as in my bills are insane and I make just enough atm to live and support my family) I can still give my coat because I have a few decent ones, I'm dry in my car today,

this coat is older but in good shape and will keep him warm.... etc... so I give him the coat and he mumbles "thanks" and I smile and tell him to stay warm and off I go...

later as I'm working I stop to grab gas and realize I put the $80 change from that morning into my coat pocket without thinking.

I would never go ask for it back (obviously) but I had a moment of semi- panic before I accepted that I just gave this dude all that money. Best "screw up" ever, I suppose. I'll live.

I have to be totally honest and say I was upset at first but I'll get over it and it did make me stop and realize that I should be grateful for my blessings this time of year,

no matter how broke I FEEL.

Happy Holidays guy.

Edit: to whoever gave the gold... I'm so inexperienced with Reddit I had to look up what it even was. haha. Wow. Really didn't expect much response at all I'm honored. Thank you kindly.

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