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This actually all went down around a year ago. It was over the span of a couple months. I was working at the Walmart in my home town.
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"the walmart creep"

by emlikescats7

This actually all went down around a year ago. It was over the span of a couple months.

I was working at the Walmart in my home town.

I was a cashier, but sometimes when it was a slow day they would ask us to take a cart of all of the merchandise customers decided to leave behind and put it all back where it belonged.

That was my job for the next hour.

On this day was my first encounter with "the Walmart creep".

As I was walking from aisle to aisle with my shopping cart full of items, I kept seeing a man (40-50 years old- I was 17 or 18 at the time) who always appeared to be staring at me.

He was about an aisle-length away from me. I didn't think much of it, I thought maybe he wanted to ask me a question. Finally, he began walking towards me.

I felt a little weird when he didn't stop and ask me a question. He walked by me, and as he did so, he whispered, "nice ass".

I was so creeped out, I immediately took my cart and walked back to the front of the store where my customer service managers (CSMs) would be.

I explained my situation to them and told them I wasn't going back out into the store. They understood.

A couple weeks later I saw a post going around on facebook, warning to people to watch out for "the Walmart creep".

I hadn't even thought of this person being the same one I had that small interaction with- until I read the description they gave him. It matched the man I'd seen.

There were lots of comments on the post, talking about how he was following girls around grocery stores, visibly rubbing himself though his pants, etc.

The police had been informed but hadn't "found" him yet.

The second, (and last), encounter with him happened about a month later. I was standing in front of my till, just waiting for customers who were looking to check out.

I saw a guy walking up to where I was standing and I froze. I thought it looked like him, but I wasn't 100% sure.

I was the only one standing there, all of the other cashiers were at their tills and the CSMs were at customer service.

As he walked by me, he tugged his pants down a little and pulled up the back of his shirt, purposely to show me that he was wearing a pink thong.

This is no joke, he was wearing a bright, pink thong... and he REALLY wanted me to see it. After that I definitely knew who he was.

I think he turned around to smile at me, but I was already running over to customer service to alert my managers.

The police were called and the Duty Managers all went out and swept the store. He had left the store, but the police were quick and had an idea of what he was driving.

They actually caught him and arrested him right in the parking lot. I had to write down a statement for the police of everything that happened, including my first encounter with dates and times.

I'm glad they got to him, I honestly believe he was mentally ill. My mom was worried he would be waiting for me or one of the other young cashiers in the parking lot.

I'm just glad it didn't get to that extent or any further.

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