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the guy started with the unknown

the unknown

unknown:hey little girl

girl:um who are you?

unknown:you dont need to know all you need to know is that your time is ticking

girl:what do you mean?time is ticking im confused and i haer my sister screaming

unknown ;all you need to know is that everybody is gonna die in your house starting with you little sister if i were you would make your dad give what he stole

girl:huh? what do you mean and what does he ned to pay back?

unknown: the thing he stole. my lover's heart

girl:what?!?!?! he stole a girls heart how could he do that.wait did he give it to my mom because she had a heart implant

unknown:yes she did she stole the heart of my lover and put it in his lover no fair she did nothing

girl;but my dad said that the hospital gave it to her and she was safe.and she had some type of cancer

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