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Dr. Schneider looked over the report. *Samuel Cox: Serial Killer*
By champ999

The treatment

by champ999

Dr. Schneider looked over the report.

*Samuel Cox: Serial Killer*

*7 victims confirmed, 2 more victims possible. All children or teenagers.*

*Treatment appears fully effective. Final check is below.*

Today would be the crowning achievement of his life work. 30 years spent understanding the diseased mind.

One last check was required to ensure that Sam was totally reformed and ready to return to the world. He had worked hard to treat Sam.

The doctor was just glad he had access to Sam before the police did. They always disturbed the mind of his subjects to the point that they were beyond his help.

Dr. Schneider entered Sam’s cell. Even if the treatment wasn't truly effective, Sam was restrained at the neck, wrists, and ankles.

The restraints were far beyond any normal man’s strength to break. The doctor always checked their strength before a new patient. Now he just had to do the questionnaire.

“Are you Samuel Cox?” The doctor asked. The man nodded sullenly.

“Will you ever kill for pleasure again?” The man violently shook his head and almost started sobbing. The doctor recorded the behavior.

“Will you harm random strangers for enjoyment ever again?” More shaking from the man. He was almost choking himself on the neck restraint, tears starting to run down his face.

“Will you ever kill again?” The man stopped shaking, and started nodding his head, smiling. The doctor stopped writing.

“When will you kill again?” The doctor asked, staring at the man. The man finally spoke, still nodding, “Whenever you tell me to.” The doctor filled the final line on the form.

*Treatment completely successful. Begin field tests immediately.*

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