The Third Type of Man
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Fetish or an attraction to be ashamed of?

The Third Type of Man

As I get older I've come to the realization as a "fat girl" there are three types of men, or so I feel. The first type, are men who find nothing appealing about a female curvier than the average bear. The second Type, embraces thick chicks in all their glory. and the Third, is a closeted lover of plus sized beauties. The Third, although I feel bad that he feels the need to hide his love for chubby chicas, I'm frustrated with him more than anything. Because I discover that he's the third type, by the time our night together is over, and our conversations slowly end, as if he never told me how much he was okay with my stomach, and how gorgeous he finds my fat face. To the third man, You can like who ever you want, but you can't make me feel bad for you finding pleasure in my curves. I am not your late night fetish, and I refuse to be your dirty little secret. You little boy, would be so lucky to have me on your nicely chiseled arm, to kiss every roll on my curvy body. You, Third type of man, it's okay to find me sexually appealing, but it is not okay to make me feel shame, because of yours.

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